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This is a collection of art. This project may contain information on how to create art in the future.
This project's aim is to aggregate information regarding computer science and also acts as a reference work and dictionary.
Framework which allows modeling and solving of constraint based problems. One of the goals is to have a problem model which is compatible with a range of multiple problem models. Some of those are constraint satisfaction problems and assignment problems.
Hardware Infrastructure
This project is a collection of information regarding computer hardware.
Information regarding neurology
This is a project cluster that is represented by this site.
These projects provide scripts, in order to ease computer administration and simple task organization.
Sen - State Network Execution, Analysis and Optimization
Modeling and solving of complex problems with the Generic Allocator as a basic
The purpose is to examine the interaction of intelligent beings from the perspective of computer science.
Things that are not part of any project.
Exploring the art of designing websites