Premature Content

example of content marked as premature content

When content is marked with diagonal stripes and faded text, it marks content which is not ready yet. This is done in order to better visualize and plan future content. The marking is also a link to this site.

Note that content, that is not marked as premature, might be unfinished too.

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Publishing content only if it is ready has its disadvantages. Therefore, I add unfinished contents to this site. Premature content is marked via diagonal stripes at this site.

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      1. Aggregators of Research Papers etc. in Computer Science With Open Access
      2. Blogs Related to Computer Science
      3. Correlation Matrix Memories' Orthogonal Key Tests
      4. Complete Correlation Matrix Memories (CCMM) Implementation
      5. Html to Image Conversion via Wkhtmltopdf
      6. Information Related to Management
      7. Optimization Software
      8. Publications Defining Optimization Problems
      9. Publications Related to Optimization Algorithms
      10. Publications Related to Optimization Software
      11. Writings Related to Complexities Relevant to Optimization
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      1. A City at Night
      2. Average Source Code Image Generator
      3. Average Source Code
      4. Bird's Banner
      5. Community at Moonlight
      6. Community
      7. Dream About a City at Night
      8. Gallery
      9. Project Art
      10. Little Big Present
      11. Music
      12. Neural Biological Cell
      13. Neural Birds
      14. Night at Home
      15. Simple Bird
      16. Simple Ruins
      17. Some Things Are Done Without Reasons
      18. Starting to Learn How to Draw a Face
      19. Personal Visiting Card
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      1. Emacs Crib Sheet
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      1. Calculus Languages
      2. Math Formulas' Implementation Pitfall
      3. programming-language-concepts.xml
      4. Simplifying the AST of Set Manipulations via Foreach and Mocks
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      3. VNC client noVNC
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      2. Operation System State Interface
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    15. symbiosis
      1. An Attempt at Defining Intelligence
      2. Apocrypha of Free Open Source Software
      3. Apocrypha of Software Development
      4. Free Will as in Free Beer
      5. Funding Free Open Source Software (FOSS)
      6. Hate as a Popular Tool in Politics
      7. Project Symbiosis
      8. The End Justifies the Means
      9. The Hug of Life and Death
    16. Introduction
    17. unstructured-thoughts
      1. A Review on Dell's XPS 15 9570 as a Mobile Workstation
      2. Fun and Chill
      3. Unstructured Thoughts
      4. soundboard.html