Class Dem

  • public final class Dem
    extends Object
    This is the starting point of all process definitions. For a process it defines the program that is executed and the environment in which it is executed.

    One of the main goals is to make the environment of a program as side effect free as possible. This framework does not try to enforce freedom of side effects on the language level, as this is not possible. It just gives tools in order to minimize side effects. This is done, by having 1 and only one variable representing the state of the environment and passing it through everywhere.

    • Constructor Detail

      • Dem

        public Dem()
    • Method Detail

      • ensuredInitialized

        public static EnvironmentV ensuredInitialized()
      • environment

        public static EnvironmentV environment()
        TODO If the user does not care, how it is initialized he does not care about output. But this only is true for certain output. Logging level should be WARNING by default.
      • config

        public static ConfigurationV config()
        This function makes the explicit usage of Dem easier, by providing a name for the most regularly used functionality, that can be guessed.
        The Configuration Of The Current Environment
      • configValue

        public static <T> T configValue​(Class<? extends Option<T>> key)