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Publishing my thoughts into the ocean of the Internet. Be welcomed, have a nice life and may you find some helpful thoughts.
A aggregation of search engines.
Links to Nice Music
This page helps one to setup and use Microsoft Narrator.
Compilation of Hilarious Fun
This page helps one to setup and use Emacspeak.
This page helps one to setup and use Emacs.
This page helps one to setup and use sway.
Things that are not part of any project.
When people are working on free software, they would like to be paid for it. Of course this conflicts with the fact, that the software itself is free of charge itself. One can charge money for additional services like file hosting, server hosting, community services, support and so on. But it does not change the fact, that software itself can be used in principle by anyone.
Before buying this laptop I planned how the laptop would be used and what requirements the laptop would have to fulfill. Such requirements set a context for a laptop review and influences its rating. I planned to use the laptop primarily as a mobile workstation.
It is hereby claimed that very few people want to abstain from using hate as a political tool. Therefore, abolishment of hate will not be effective and attempts in this direction will not work. Only things like insults are considered in this context. Other things like blackmailing and threats are not considered.
The development inside a Flatpak environment can have suprising effects.
This is a collection of information concerning software.
Multiple collections of scripts in order to administrate operation systems.
Some time ago I create a personal visiting card. Recently I realised that I have no good storage location for the printing files. So I decided to add them to this page and yes I created my visiting card via HTML/CSS. Note that the images used for printing have an higher quality than on this site. I used Moo for printing. 
During the implementation of the complete correlation matrix memory I created a bug in the scaling formula of the matrix's values.
I implemented the complete correlation matrix memories as decribed by Teuvo Kohonen. Tests regarding its properties are included.
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