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About This Site

I have set up this website in order to demonstrate, explain and organize several of my projects and thoughts that I am working on. In this way I have an archive accessible through the web where I can find forgotten information. Also, I can refer to this site in order to explain projects that I am working on in a better way than via talk.

The focus is mostly on informatics but will also cover other topics such as art (see gallery ).

Once upon a time I needed a nickname for all accounts I was going to create. As I was/am not very creative I searched for a word that describes a human being. It came to my mind that a human is derived from a single cell which splits itself multiple times and therefore I chose splitcells .

Another time I needed an alternative nickname for an account Warframe . This was caused by the fact that the nickname splitcells was already used. So I needed an alternative nickname and after thinking for some seconds I used splitcellsnet because a human is a network of cells which were created by splitting. Yeah, I am that creative.

While I created this site I obviously needed a domain name for which I used my alternative nickname. In order to make the domain name as short as possible and without additional letters which are not part of my nickname I couldn't use splitcells.com for example and therefore splitcells.net was used.

At the start I decided to do this site in the form of a blog, but this was an mistake. A blog is kind of an public journal and consists of a timeline of articles. This makes it harder to organize articles.

    • Bad choice of technologies.
    • I created my own layout and overengineering the layout too much.

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Origin, history and purpose of this site

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      1. Aggregators of Research Papers etc. in Computer Science With Open Access
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      3. Correlation Matrix Memories' Orthogonal Key Tests
      4. Complete Correlation Matrix Memories (CCMM) Implementation
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      7. Dream About a City at Night
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      1. An Attempt at Defining Intelligence
      2. Apocrypha of Free Open Source Software
      3. Apocrypha of Software Development
      4. Free Will as in Free Beer
      5. Funding Free Open Source Software (FOSS)
      6. Hate as a Popular Tool in Politics
      7. Project Symbiosis
      8. The End Justifies the Means
      9. The Hug of Life and Death
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      1. A Review on Dell's XPS 15 9570 as a Mobile Workstation
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