Suggested Development Workflow Using this Framework

The idea for this workflow is to improve the framework while having a benefit of using this framework.

  1. Do some administrative task.
  2. Realize it can be generalized.
  3. If a program for such a task is already present:
    1. Ensure that the functionality is correct.
    2. Ensure that the functionality is complete.
    3. Fix one issue of the program.
    4. It would be nice to publish changes made to the program in question.
  4. If such a program is not present:
    1. Find a short and easy to find identifier of the form "< system component >.< task to reach a certain state >" for that task.
    2. Implement the currently required functionality.
    3. Share your new idea to the world.

As long as not otherwise noted, this text is licensed under the EPL-2.0 OR MIT (SPDX-License-Identifier).