Guidelines for Networks of Discovery based Perspectives

Every path to a specific perspective in the network can be viewed as a story of discovery: travelers wandering through the network searching for their destination. Everyone has their target(s). Some know what they are looking for. Some of them are walking through the network aimlessly, searching for their meaning in life.

The root perspective of the network should be the gateway to heaven for these souls. It should accommodate everyone's reasonable needs. In other words, any reasonable list of questions suitable for searching a desired perspective in the network, should correspond to a path in the network.

Globalization is the act of minimizing the number of networks or making it easy to translate, connect and traverse such network clusters.

It is often not possible, to make a single global unified network, that is valid for everyone. This is often not needed. Instead one can use shared global networks, where each network has its own root perspective and therefore path space.

Every non global network can just link to these globally shared networks. The root perspectives of each network needs to isolated in such a way, that these are not mixed. This ensures that paths are unambiguous and can be shared across networks. Thereby, networks can be integrated.

Generally speaking, the number of networks, should be minimized in order to have minimal cost of optimizing and using the networks. Nevertheless, one has to keep in mind, that each actor/project needs its own root perspective and therefore network. It may be enough to use virtual networks.