Ticket Guidelines

Storage Guidelines For This Repo

Only tickets that create lasting requirements should be stored in this repo and be preserved. The ticketing system in this repo is not thought to be used as a forum or a planning tool.

It documents tickets that are done and signals tickets which are being processed or planned. It is preferred, that planned tickets and tickets in progress should only contain their title, if they are stored at all. Please store the ticket content only in this repo, if this ticket is done.

If a done ticket is update, this should only be done, if the update is complete, in order to minimize the number of changes.

Ticket Numbering

This repo determines how tickets are numbered. Ticket numbers already used in this repo therefore cannot be used for new tickets. There is no dedicated ticketing system of truth also currently Github is being used for this job. The reason for this, is the fact that there is no real portable shared ticketing file standard.

Content Guideline

# [Ticket Title/Name]

Author: [Author]

[Notices and Summary Description If Ticket Title/Name Is Not Enough]

[Subtask Progress As Nested Tree]
* [Status: TODO/DONE/PROGRESS] [Subtask Description]