Bird's-eye View of Splitcells Network

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This overview shows the most important connections and components of this project.



[] .up.> related_projects
related_projects .up.> [os.state.interface.lib.gpl.2]
related_projects .up.> [os.state.interface.lib.gpl.3]
[] -down-> []

[] -down-> [Dem.process]
[Dem.process] -up-> [Configuration]
[Configuration] -left-> [Domsole]
[Domsole] -left-> [Console]
[Dem.process] -down-> [Gel.defineProblem]
gel_user .down.> [Gel.defineProblem]
[Gel.defineProblem] -down-> [Problem]
[Problem] -down-> [Solution]
[Solution] -down-> [Optimization]
[Solution] .down.> solution_export
[Solution] -down-> [History]

import .left.> [Table]
[Table] -left-> [Supply]
[Table] -left-> [Demand]
[Supply] -down-> [Allocations]
[Demand] -left-> [Allocations]
[Allocations] -left-> [Problem]
[Problem] -down-> [Constraint]
[Problem] -down-> [DerivedProblem]
[Constraint] -down-> [Type]
[Constraint] -down-> [Query]
[Constraint] -down-> [Rating]
[Rating] -down-> [MetaRating]
[Rating] -down-> [Rater]

[] -right-> [os.state.interface]
osi_user .down.> [os.state.interface]
[os.state.interface] -down-> [os.state.interface.lib]
[os.state.interface] -right-> [command]
[command] -up-> [network.*]
[command] -down-> [repo.*]
[command] -right-> [command.managed]
[command] -down-> [user.*]
[command] -down-> [system.*]
[user.*] -down-> [daily]
[daily] -down-> [weekly]
[os.state.interface.lib] .down.> users_system

[Dem.process] -left-> [ProjectsRenderer]
[ProjectsRenderer] .down.> website
[ProjectsRenderer] -down-> [Extension]
[Extension] -down-> [Validator]
[Network.Blog] .down.> website
website .down.> net.splitcells


Public Infrastructure


[] <.up. maven_central
[] <.up.> repo
repo <.up.> Github
repo <.up.> Gitlab
repo <.up.> sourcehut
[] .down.>