Discovery based Networks of Perspectives and Changes

The nameDiscovery based Networks of Perspectives and Changesor in shortDenis quite long, in order to provide a name, that is also kind of the definition of the thing in question. It is a concept in order to describe, understand and work with any information and changes done on these.


    A perspective is a node in a directed graph. Anetwork of perspectivesis a directed graph. Adiscovery based network of perspectivesis a graph with multiple conditions:

    1. There is a formal root node, which is the starting point.
    2. All perspectives are reachable from the root node.
    3. There is a known in/formal grammar (i.e. a context free grammar) for the graph, that also creates a semantic meaning of the graph from the point of view of the root node.

    ADiscovery based Network of Perspectives and Changesis aDiscovery based Network of Perspectives, where a formalism for the history of changes exists. It may or may not constraint the possible changes of such a system.