About This Site

I have set up this website in order to demonstrate, explain and organize several of my projects and thoughts that I am working on. In this way I have an archive accessible through the web where I can find forgotten information. Also, I can refer to this site in order to explain projects that I am working on in a better way than via talk.

The focus is mostly on informatics but will also cover other topics such as art (see  gallery  ).

Once upon a time I needed a nickname for all accounts I was going to create. As I was/am not very creative I searched for a word that describes a human being. It came to my mind that a human is derived from a single cell which splits itself multiple times and therefore I chose splitcells .

Another time I needed an alternative nickname for an account  Warframe  . This was caused by the fact that the nickname splitcells was already used. So I needed an alternative nickname and after thinking for some seconds I used splitcellsnet because a human is a network of cells which were created by splitting. Yeah, I am that creative.

While I created this site I obviously needed a domain name for which I used my alternative nickname. In order to make the domain name as short as possible and without additional letters which are not part of my nickname I couldn't use splitcells.com for example and therefore splitcells.net was used.

At the start I decided to do this site in the form of a blog, but this was an mistake. A blog is kind of an public journal and consists of a timeline of articles. This makes it harder to organize articles.

    1. Bad choice of technologies.

    1. I created my own layout and overengineering the layout too much.

Riddle me this: what is this all about? It's about NOS and thereby hope is kindled.