Splitcells™ Network Hub

Together we are more than the sum of our cells.

We provide an open source ecosystem centred around optimization and operations research. The shell framework OSI is used to ease the ecosystem's development, by integrating local development projects with the developer's computer and programs.

Where to start?

🚀 Model and optimize problems.

🥅 Understand the objectives of the project.

🛍️ Download the software.

🪧 Get to know the main features.

🚑 Get some community help and support.

🏗️ Deploy the software or develop programs with this project.

🔬 Analyze and organize your operations and prepare schedules.

🤝 Collaborate large decision-making networks.

🗞️️ Get an insights via our blog, Mastodon/Fosstodon, the project's history and our changelog.

🦉 Get a bird's-eye project view.

🔭 Research optimization.

📚 Get structured documentation.

⚖️ View licensing information.

Contribute to projects.

💰 Support contributors.

📣 Spread the word!

Project Status

  • Statistics: Commits per month Lines of Code Code size
  • Cloud Status: Continuous Integration Gitlab Continuous Integration builds.sr.ht status codecov FOSSA Status FOSSA Status Quality Gate Status Maintainability Rating Code Smells Coverage Technical Debt Reliability Rating Duplicated Lines (%) Vulnerabilities Bugs Security Rating REUSE status CII Best Practices CodeQL-Analysis


  • Rendered Documentation via a personal website
  • Tickets are managed Github (projects) for the community, Sourcehut's todo (active tickets and all tickets) for tickets related to the webserver.
  • For complex and documented tickets the network community repo is used.
  • Repository Hosts:
    • Github is used mainly for general software development.
    • Gitlab is currently used only for continuous integration (CI).
    • sourcehut is used mainly for writing articles and web rendering. It's CI pipeline is also used with the repo net.splitcells.network.m2, in order to ensure, that this project can be build offline and without the user's local Maven m2 repo.

Purpose of this repository

This is a inventory and introduction of all Splitcells projects and its infrastructure.


This is also multi project module project links to all Splitcells Network repos, so these can be easily imported into IDEs. This is especially useful, when cross project automatic refactoring is done via an IDE.