Introduction to the Generic Allocator

If you encounter an unknown word or phrase you can look up some of this at this dictionary. The project's history is also documented.

Introduction for Users

The Generic Allocator (Gel) is a Java framework providing modeling, analytic and solving capabilities regarding optimization problems.

Gel provides tools to model problems simply and understandably, because without this ability such endeavours become unnecessarily hard and time-consuming.

Introduction for Developers

The main entry points is located at the class net.splitcells.gel.Gel of the core project net.splitcells.gel.core. Every functionality and public API is reachable via its functions.

The helper's main goal is to provide a decision tree, that guides developers by stating what input is required in order to reach a certain goal. It is highly recommended to prioritize the usage of this class. This interface helps the programmer to understand the possibilities and best practices using this framework, by providing the information, where it is used.

Introduction to the Underlying Theories


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