Development With Splitcells Network

Public Dependency Repository

Normally, one does normally build the complete system byself, but there is a public m2 repository containing snapshot builds. Keep in mind and check their dates as these are not always up to date.

The repository can be looked up at GitHub. In order to use these snapshots, one has to extend ones local ~/.m2/settings.xml for Maven. A working example can be found here:

<settings xmlns=""
    <!-- These Maven settings are used, in order to test, if packages can be downloaded from GitHub. -->
                <!-- Prioritize GitHub repo via repository order, in order to avoid error caused by not finding dependency in Maven Central. -->

Provided your local terminal's current folder is the folder of this project, one can use the example via the following command: mvn --settings src/main/xml-pom/net/splitcells/network/build-with-github-snapshot.pom.xml verify.

Adding The Dependency

The simplest way to start, is to add the following dependency:


If you don't have a Maven parent POM and are looking into using one, instead of defining some defaults on your own, you might want to use the following parent. It enforces the used Java version etc.