Contributing to Splitcells Network

Submitting via Pull Request

  • The authors of the commits have to sign off all commits of the pull request according to the Developer’s Certificate of Origin (DCO). You thereby confirm compliance with the DCO. Help regarding the version control Git can be found here.
  • At least the main author has to sign the last commit with its PGP key. PGP signing helps to ensure source code integrity. A quickstart and further guidelines for PGP can be found here.

API Compatibility

There is no guarantee of backwards compatibility.

All API changes are located and categorized in the Changelog. Breaking changes are tried to be omitted, but there is no guarantee for that. The author of the software use this project as a dependency for their own private code. So there is at least an interest, to keep breaking changes to a minimum. On the other hand, the API is not polished, so there will be breaking changes to the API.

Absolute backward compatibility creates a maintenance burden and if any kind of backward compatibility is required it may be best to just contact this project. We do not break backward compatibility just for fun and would like to support efforts to minimize breaking changes.

You can try to decrease the likelihood of breaking a certain feature, by contributing an appropriate test case/suite for this feature. Regardless of that, keep in mind, that there is no guarantee of backwards compatibility.

Helpful Notes

Browsing Repository in Browser

When browsing the repo in the web some browser addons/extension might help to visualize its content:

Inspirational External Guidelines