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Publishing my thoughts into the ocean of the Internet. Be welcomed, have a nice life and may you find some helpful thoughts.
A aggregation of search engines.
Links to Nice Music
This page helps one to setup and use Microsoft Narrator.
Compilation of Hilarious Fun
This page helps one to setup and use Emacspeak.
This page helps one to setup and use Emacs.
This page helps one to setup and use sway.
Things that are not part of any project.
When people are working on free software, they would like to be paid for it. Of course this conflicts with the fact, that the software itself is free of charge itself. One can charge money for additional services like file hosting, server hosting, community services, support and so on. But it does not change the fact, that software itself can be used in principle by anyone.
Before buying this laptop I planned how the laptop would be used and what requirements the laptop would have to fulfill. Such requirements set a context for a laptop review and influences its rating. I planned to use the laptop primarily as a mobile workstation.
It is hereby claimed that very few people want to abstain from using hate as a political tool. Therefore, abolishment of hate will not be effective and attempts in this direction will not work. Only things like insults are considered in this context. Other things like blackmailing and threats are not considered.
The development inside a Flatpak environment can have suprising effects.
This is a collection of information concerning software.
Multiple collections of scripts in order to administrate operation systems.
Some time ago I create a personal visiting card. Recently I realised that I have no good storage location for the printing files. So I decided to add them to this page and yes I created my visiting card via HTML/CSS. Note that the images used for printing have an higher quality than on this site. I used Moo for printing. 
During the implementation of the complete correlation matrix memory I created a bug in the scaling formula of the matrix's values.
I implemented the complete correlation matrix memories as decribed by Teuvo Kohonen. Tests regarding its properties are included.
A Constraint is a listener to aDatabasethat evaluates the compliance of observedDatabase'scurrent state with thisconstraint.
Represents the current state of an solution process.
Represents data and its constraints that need to be satisfied.
A Line represents a tuple of values which is stored at arelational table.
AnAttributerepresents the typeTthe and name of a Line's field. It is used in order to access a Line's values in a type safe way.
A listener that observers changes of aDatabase.
Represents a generalized assignment problem where each demand can be assigned to multiple supplies.
Extendsrelational tableswith a mutation and subscriber interface.
Represent a type saferelational table.
This page consists of a menu which is used for small screens.
Python 3 script for generating the average source code image. 
Starting with this article I'm trying to forge a definition for intelligence. The perspective for this attempt is computer science. An important requirement for the definition, is the maximization of its formality and the minimization of its ambiguity.
The purpose of this project is to examine intelligent things and the living together of unlike beings.
I watched TotalBiscuit's videoInvisigun's Visibility Problemwhich deals on non visible elements of the game Invisigun Heroes. While I was watching this piece I noted that I partly have the same problem as this game on this website.
Up to this moment Jekyll was used in order to generate this static site. Downsides of Jekyll led me to implement my own blogging framework.
Liquid template language is not a good substitute for a markup language.
This is the page used to display the 404 standard response code.
This project is an aggregation of information regarding computer sciences. It serves me as a reference and helps to structure relevant information regarding this field of science.
xdotool can be used to automate activities regarding window managers using Xorg (GUI) on Linux. This article shows some usages of xdotool and comments on related topics.
Liquid template based layouts need some rewriting to manage their ever growing complexity? Check! Current supported themes have no colors? Check! So what? Time to introduce colors!
This is a collection of art. This project may contain information on how to create art in the future.
This is a list of projects which I have worked on or I will be working on. Some of them are just ideas and serve as inspiration for the future. It is quite possible that many of some will not be started.
Publishing content only if it is ready has its disadvantages. Therefore, I add unfinished contents to this site. Premature content is marked via diagonal stripes at this site.
This post's content was deleted. It still exists in order to not invalidate existing links.
This page presents the latest posts of this site in the order of their respective creation time.
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