1. objective
        1. objective
          1. Find out, if this works efficiently and effectively.

        2. objective
          1. Write documents and programs in one language i.e. documentation as code.

          2. objective
            1. The idea is to model syntax trees like XML and JSON via the Perspective class.

          3. problem
            1. How to document methods and functions? Name can be linked via annotations and static final Strings. Each document has to be linked to a package/path, attribute and argument path.

        3. objective
          1. Use automatic refactoring capabilities of Java IDE in order to automatically refactor code and documents.

          2. problem
            1. Refactoring of XML via XSL or custom tree processing code is not hard.

        4. objective
          1. Ensure this via an Example document, that this is indeed a good idea.

          2. objective
            1. Needs to be fully compatible to XML and JSON.

        5. objective
          1. Introduce this, if it suits, by migrating to this system.

          2. objective
            1. XML and JSON still need to be supported, but should be used for secondary content or for rendering only. Also the acceptance for such a system will not be good, so XML, XSD, XSL and JSON should still be supported.

      2. scheduling
        1. priority
          1. queue
            1. toDo
              1. Translate XML documents via XSL automatically to Perspective code.

              2. toDo
                1. Create XSL

              3. toDo
                1. Create example translation.

              4. toDo
                1. Format code XSL acceptably.

              5. toDo
                1. Translate files in folder structure recursively.

            2. toDo
              1. Create an example class, because the formatting seems to be a problem, according to experience.

            3. toDo
              1. Create a testsuite which states all requirements to the Perspective in order to support data as source code. Use DocumentTest as basis.

            4. toDo
              1. Create a framework in order to support data schemes.