splitcells.net Visibility Problem

 In a video TotalBiscuit  states that viewers of games seem to have a tendency to prefer the subject of interest to be visible. 2 examples are provided:

Poker became more popular to watch when cameras were introduced showing the players' hidden cards.

Invisigun is a game where the actors are invisible most of the time. TotalBiscuit states that a majority of people did not like this feature of the game while watching it during a stream. The creators of Invisigun countered this by introducing an alternative view of the game for streamers where viewers can see all invisible actors.

There is not only a lack of updates on this site lately. There is also a relatively high percent of changes that have no visible effect on this blog. Also, work on the design of this site does not signal to irregular visitors the liveliness of the site. This can lead to a situation where new visitors may not revisit this site because they think that there will be a no updates at all.

A solution to this problem is to create an article for every change on this site. This tactic may work great on sites about art and similar topics. However, it may have a tendency to show irrelevant content to viewers on sites with distinct content.

An alternative to the previous method is the use of an additional feed. The idea is to create very technical and short articles for people with great interest in the development of the site in question. These would be only viewed on the additional feed.

Such an update Feed will probably reach a low amount of readers. This seems to be especially bad for sites with a general low amount of visitors.

An alteration of the previous plan is to create a feed which acts as advertisement. This can be republished on social media.

    1. Downside: the content of the channel should have high quality content because they represent the whole site.


I watched TotalBiscuit's video Invisigun's Visibility Problem which deals on non visible elements of the game Invisigun Heroes. While I was watching this piece I noted that I partly have the same problem as this game on this website.