Self-Driving Cars Will Only Make Traffic Worse : IMHO, self-driving cars would fix the traffic problem: most people don't drive for fun. If self-driving cars become established on mass, it would maybe cause some problems in the beginning, let's say for a year. If the self-driving works, I think, the most probable result would be, that people see cars more and more like public transport. Yes, some would still own a car, but most people and companies would quickly realize, that one can make more money by sharing such cars. So Uber and the likes, would be established more and more. However, this would increase the public image, of self-driving cars as public transport and companies soon will realize, that they can make more money by sharing cars with more and more people, until some companies will start creating bigger ... cars ... called busses. In other words, I would expect such a development to cause cars to be viewed more and more like a luxury, because you can get the same capability without knowing how to drive.