Introduction to Splitcells™ Network

This is a cluster of projects that are managed by this meta project and are integrated by this site (server software is not released yet). If you want to build this cluster, you can consult the README file in the main repository. These are listed at the Infrastructure chapter.

The main development platform is currently GitHub.

sourcehut GitHub GitLab

The main continuous integration is done on  sourcehut  .

Most of the code is written in Java. Although Java is relatively platform independent, there are still dependencies to the underlining platform. For instance some operation systems do not support the full set of Latvian alphabet for class names. A normal class (not an inner one) needs to be located in a file, that has the same name as the class. Not all operation systems support such a file name.

Additionally, continuous integration is done on as many development platforms as possible, in order to ensure that this project cluster is portable.