Dependency Manager (Dem)

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  • This framework standardizes Java based source code.
  • The resulting code should maximize support for automatic refactoring like method renaming or moving.
  • Provide an interface for programs, that maximizes the replace-ability of interface implementations (i.e. dependency injection) and supports the injection of functionality into existing code (i.e. aspect oriented programming).
  • Enable one to write and maintain long lasting code with reasonable efforts in the context of ever changing language features and dependencies.
    • Therefore, make the resulting core functionality portable, adaptable and compatible as reasonable possible. Furthermore, minimizing the complexity of the core functionality is helpful as well.
    • Define and enforce a subset of Java for core functionality in order to achieve this goal.
    • Provide access to all dependencies via static methods and static final flags, which work like header files in C source code.
    • Work with only one global state variable, that represents the complete environment of the current logical process. It can be thought of as a variable, that is implicitly passed through every method call. Multiple global state variables are not allowed.
    • Provide an easy workflow to setup an environment, execute a program and to destroy the environment after the execution.
  • Contain side effects and provide an interface in order to manage side effects.
  • Organize all things in a tree like structure, in order to support information management.

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