Why no Ansible etc.?

The framework's aim is to require as little as possible and to be compatible to as many things as possible. Therefore, this framework could be integrated via wrapper programs into Ansible. It is also trivial to integrate Ansible into this framework via Ad-hoc commands.

There are certainly good arguments to convert this project to Ansible. The biggest point that currently works against this conversion is the fact that I do not know how
to implement dependency injection as it is implemented in this framework. (This seems to be important as Ansible modules like package are licensed under the GPL v3.0+)[https://github.com/ansible/ansible/blob/f76556e56d586e339fae9fabb7e0c112baff0849/lib/ansible/modules/packaging/os/package.py]

Also I find it quite hard to change the state of the system fast and easy in Ansible:

  • Ansible: sudo ansible localhost -m package -a "name=xonotic state=present"
  • os.state.interface: package.install xonotic

Note that for most sh consoles autocomplete support for the command 'package.install' could be implemented as well with a reasonable amount of resources. In contrast this seems to be a complex task for the Ansible command.

Why is there no GUI?

The primary purpose of this project is to provide administrative functionality. While a GUI could be certainly helpful, it currently would require too much resource. Also note there is no problem, to add a GUI in the future, as the API of this project is quite simple.

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